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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Announced today that I'm leaving the Kuna Melba News

Thank you to everyone for the kind words about my departure from the Kuna Melba News. I announced in this week's issue of the paper (and on my Editor's blog and the paper's Facebook page) that I'm leaving the Kuna Melba News after five-and-a-half years as the editor, five as the owner.
After selling the Kuna Melba News to RIM Publications in December, I agreed to stay on as editor for six months to help with the transition. Those six months are up at the end of the month, so I'm moving on.
I've decided to take the summer "off" to spend more time with Luke, now 10, and Robert, 7, but I'll also be working on a book about our experience of buying and running a weekly newspaper.
I'll be posting regularly to this blog, so feel free to follow me here and send me a message.
I still have another week as editor of the Kuna Melba News, but I'll be digging in in earnest on the book on June 1.


  1. I am looking forward to following you as you work through this new adventure. Do you have a place for followers to sign on?

  2. Hi Carole, I just added it along with an option to follow by email as well. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Wow, got to admit I'll be sad to no longer see you out at Kuna-Melba events, however, sounds like a good move. Good luck to you, Scott!

  4. Thanks Charlie. Fortunately, I'll get to keep following your work in the Press Tribune each day. Keep up the great work.