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Friday, June 29, 2012

The benefits of subscribing to a daily newspaper: health care ruling, Ann Curry and the divorce of a couple of actors

What a great day to be a newspaper subscriber.
Yesterday, I saw all the tweets and posts about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on health care reform, but I did not bother reading the stories. I knew that a group of reporters and editors was hard at work yesterday sifting through the ruling, sifting through the stories, getting local reactions, writing stories and designing news pages containing the most important, pertinent information for me this morning. Sure enough, my local papers put together fantastic coverage, giving me all the information I needed to be informed, including Charles Krauthammer’s interesting take on why he thinks Chief Justice Roberts ruled the way he did.
Plus, today’s paper also carried a story detailing Idaho’s new texting while driving ban, more details about John Bujak’s arrest, an update on yesterday’s Eurozone meeting, a story on Turkey fortifying its border with Syria and many more. And yes, there was a brief about Ann Curry leaving the Today show, relegated — rightly — to a small item off to the side (watching Twitter yesterday made it seem like Curry’s departure was akin to the Kennedy assassination).
Also, had I been simply trolling the news sites for stories about the health care ruling, I might have missed the story about asteroid hunters (Page A6), the story on the decline in child sex abuse cases (Page A7), the story on the new first lady of Egypt (A6), and the U.S. Attorney General being held in contempt of Congress.
This doesn’t even yet touch the sports section (Don Larsen will sell his World Series uniform, Nadal ousted at Wimbledon), the living section, the business section or the entertainment section.
Yes, I see that the big news of the day today (bigger, apparently, than the Kennedy assassination) is the divorce of a couple of actors.
But I’ll wait till tomorrow’s newspaper to get all of my news presented in a way that puts everything in the proper perspective.

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